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Business Case Development

Behind every good investment decision you’ll find a carefully considered business case – one flows from the other.

When it comes to committing precious time, money and resources, you need to be sure you have the right thinking in place. But many organisations struggle to find the right skills or sufficient resources internally to develop business cases confidently and well.


We can help you develop a robust business case for your project or change programme. We know, if you get this right, you will make better decisions and you will get proposals over the line. Our experienced team includes consultants trained in The Treasury-endorsed Better Business Case methodology which is mandatory for high risk and/or large scale public sector business cases.

We can help you:

  • Plan stakeholder engagement
  • Choose the right approach for your business case
  • Plan and manage the business case process

We can:

  • Advise on business case development
  • Provide accredited facilitators to workshop the problem and benefits to be addressed in the business case
  • Develop the business case for you
  • Provide analytical expertise for elements of the business case
  • Review the business case and help you get it absolutely right


 A business case is simply a form of advice that substantiates a proposal. It should be easy to understand and give decision-makers the right information. The key questions it should answer include why should we do this, what are the benefits, costs and options, what option is recommended and why, can it be done, can we afford it, what are the risks, and how will we do it?


 First and foremost, a good business case will help you make sound, informed decisions. It will make sure all options have been considered and be clear about why options have been discarded. It will make sure you are not falling into traps like ’reverse engineering’ a solution or ’group think’. It will also help you tell a compelling investment story – to understand the choices and trade-offs and to engage your stakeholders and wider team.


A business case is essential any time you are considering investing significant resource in an undertaking or making a change to your business. It can be used to make decisions about a programme of work or an individual project. A business case is more about a way of thinking than a process. The approach should be adapted to the size of the investment and the level of risk involved. Developing a business case should not feel like a compliance activity where you are simply ticking the boxes.


Tregaskis Brown are acknowledged experts in the BBC methodology and were selected by Treasury to review the effectiveness of BBC in the NZ public sector in 2013. Our team include Accredited ILM Facilitators and BBC Practitioners.

We have a solid track record in the writing and development of Business Cases, ranging from large public sector clients including Department of Internal Affairs, Ministry for Primary Industries and Ministry of Social Development to other organisations such as NZ Defence Force, Fire and Emergency NZ and Napier City Council. 

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