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Delivering enduring change

We are expert in supporting the governance and delivery of projects and programmes to ensure the improvements and outcomes the business is seeking are real and enduring. Our change capabilities and insights can make a world of difference to the end result.

• Portfolio, programme and project governance
• Portfolio, programme and project (P3) delivery (including Agile)
• Service and business process design
• Facilitating workshops (public consultation, working with key stakeholders or other)
• Culture change (including processes and tools for assessing organisational change readiness)
• Operating model development & implementation
• Advice and support

We offer a safe pair of hands and loads of ‘we’ve been there’ wisdom – the ability to understand the impact major change has on people within an organisation.

Organisations frequently rely on programme and project methodologies to deliver major change. However, methodology alone is not enough and can become a barrier to successful business improvement. Success can only be achieved when people at all levels of the organisation are motivated to act and think differently. We partner with our clients to help them on this journey and to tailor their methodology and approach to their needs.

Work we’ve done

We provide programme, project and change management expertise to plan, implement and handover major change initiatives. Past assignments include:

  • Defence Capability Plan - leading a major initiative, now in its 4th year, to transform the way Defence invests in, and develops, new military capabilities. This has involved a highly collaborative partnership approach with the NZ Defence Force and Ministry of Defence.
  • Programme manager/client relationship lead for an international firm bidding to supply the technology for a major change to the way offenders are supervised in the community by the Department of Corrections
  • Project manager for the design and implementation of an innovation in the management of workplace health and safety
  • Project manager for the design and implementation of the system that monitors and records carbon emissions from NZ’s forests
  • Development of project management methodologies for clients including Ministry for the Environment, Ministry of Justice and others.

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They don't just tell us what we want to hear, they give us genuine advice

- Senior Public Sector Manager

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