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Support for investment decision making

Organisations are faced with many choices about where to invest.

Targeting and managing your investments in new or enhanced capabilities is critical if you want to be confident your organisation will be able to deliver on its strategic vision.

  • Business planning including Long Term Investment Plans and 4-year plans
  • Portfolio governance and management
  • Facilitating strategy and planning workshops
  • Operating model development and implementation
  • Investment Logic Mapping (ILM) facilitation
  • Business case navigation, workshops and development
  • Business case reviews
  • Business case recovery

Our team includes three of the country’s most experienced Investment Logic Mapping (ILM) facilitators and many of our consultants are business case writers.

Work we’ve done

Our considerable experience in this area includes:

  • Advising on effective portfolio management
  • Writing robust, cost effective business cases to support sound investment decision making
  • Providing quality assurance for teams developing complex business cases
  • Facilitating Investment Logic Mapping for a wide range of clients including the UK Cabinet Office, most central government agencies, local government and several private sector entities.

Portfolio Management

Successful portfolio management ensures investment decision making is founded on good business intelligence. However, getting portfolio management right isn’t about imposing a set of processes and functions; it’s about embedding a way of thinking. This takes time. We partner with many organisations as they design, implement and embed the portfolio approach that’s best for them.

Using the Better Business Case model

It’s a given that behind every sound investment decision there’s a carefully considered business case; one flows from the other. When it comes to committing precious time, money and resources, you need to be sure you have the right thinking in place. However many organisations struggle to find the right skills or sufficient resources internally to develop business cases confidently and well. Our experienced team includes consultants trained in The Treasury-endorsed Better Business Case methodology which is mandatory for high risk and/or large scale public sector business cases. For more on our Business Case capability.

Investment Logic Mapping

Thinking about the right things in the right order leads to better investment decisions. The Investment Logic Mapping (ILM) process helps clarify the underlying business problem, the expected benefits and strategic responses - before you start to think about solutions. Our team includes some of New Zealand’s most experienced accredited ILM facilitators.  Read more  and review our video.

Sound governance

Research indicates that good portfolio, programme and project governance matters if you’re serious about achieving strategic goals. We can help. Invite one of our partners to join your governance board to provide an expert, independent and challenging perspective. Contact us about our expert-led governance clinics for portfolios, programmes and projects.  Read more and review our video.

Programme and project review

An independent, expert view is critical to the integrity of any review process. We can help with:

  • Governance reviews
  • Post implementation reviews
  • Programme reviews

What people have to say

They are really good at thinking processes - whether it's a business case, either at the start of a project, or a piece of work embedded into a big project....if it requires somebody to step back and think about the thinking that is required then TB is great. You can rely on them to apply the right thinking and get it done.

- Tier 2 Manager, NZ Public Sector

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