Background to the project: 

In 2021, the Digital Public Service Branch took stewardship of the Common Process Model - a set of best practice business processes to support back-office functions including nance, procurement, human resources etc. A unit was established in the Branch called the Back-office digital Transformation Service to support agencies to adopt common processes to increase the consistency of back-office processes across government. Tregaskis Brown was engaged to develop a draft business case to investigate a range of future options to support government back-office digital transformation.


The team relied on the coaching from Tregaskis Brown to deliver work usually created in an iterative and waterfall manner. I highly value continuous improvement, responsiveness from a supplier as well as expecting that supplier to share and contribute to skills uplift.
Lisa and Sanne quickly became part of the team, helped and delivered high quality work. I welcomed their willingness to tackle new information and to ask questions that enhanced the overall paper.
- Kobus Dippenaar, Interim Unit Director, Back-office Digital Transformation Service

The case:

Consulting Partner Lisa Buchan and Consultant Sanne Deen from Tregaskis Brown worked closely with the team in DIA to develop a single-stage draft business case. The team used an agile approach, applied learnings and improvements sprint to sprint. Each sprint, the team planned the priorities and leveraged the strengths of the team to research and develop content for the draft business case.

A key requirement was to engage with diverse stakeholders of the Service across government. The team brought together stakeholders from a range of interested agencies to understand demand for the Service, user requirements and develop options for the draft business case. Engaging with the right stakeholders across all of government was vital for putting forward a strong case for an all of government Service.


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Staff involved

Lisa Buchan

Consulting Partner

The outcomes:

The combined Tregaskis Brown and DIA team produced a draft business case that met with the Treasury‚Äôs Better Business Case requirements and required little rework after feedback from reviewers, who stated that it was a comprehensive and well written document that makes a compelling case for change that is hard to argue against. The project was substantively completed ahead of the estimated duration.

An additional outcome was the level of enthusiasm from the DIA team who adopted new agile ways of working and learned new skills.