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Since 2002, we've provided consulting services at the senior level to the public sector, private businesses and NGO's in New Zealand, and internationally.

We appreciate that you ask for our assistance because you are under pressure or may need specialist expertise that it doesn’t make sense to retain on your team.  Therefore delivering to your expectations with regard to time, cost and quality is integral to the success of our business.

Our clients tell us that they appreciate the tailored approach we take to each assignment, how easy we are to work with and the high level of professionalism they can count on from our people

Our leadership team is a tight group of Partners and Senior Consultants. Together, they bring substantial senior expertise – a valuable combination of public and private sector management experience coupled with many years consulting. We are very engaged in the challenges our clients are grappling with.

Our wider team includes Associates and Consultants most of whom have at least 10 years’ experience in their field of expertise. Our team of analysts are employed for their intellectual ability and work ethic and work closely with the rest of the team. 


Partner Organisations

At Tregaskis Brown, we have a number of other organisations that we can partner with to provide our clients with access to the broadest range of expertise and advice, without making it complicated for them. These partner organisations share our service excellence approach and are easy to work with.

Our partner organisations include:

Allen + Clarke – a leading public policy consultancy
Catalyze – helping organisations make effective decisions in complex situations
TwentyTwo – New Zealand’s leading independent property advisors


Allen + Clarke

Allen + Clarke is New Zealand’s leading public policy consultancy firm.  

With a team of 70, they have completed over 1000 public policy projects since their establishment in 2000. 

Based in Wellington and Melbourne, but working globally, they are trusted advisors to the public sector, businesses, and NGOs. 

Their key service offerings include:

  • Policy and regulatory design
  • Implementation and review
  • Business change
  • Evaluation and research
  • Secretariat and programme support.

For more information on Allen + Clarke, please visit their website.

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The best results are delivered through effective decision-making that engages people and aligns organisations.  Catalyze designs and delivers structured group decision processes and tools. Their methods are people focused, inclusive and transparent with robust and validated decision theory at their core.

Example Applications

  • Helping a global energy company to decide on a decommissioning strategy, taking into account diverse stakeholder perspectives.
  • Optimising a portfolio of R&D investments for a major defence and transportation organisation.
  • Enabling a division of a global corporation to understand their opportunities and constraints, to clear the clutter and to focus, and subsequently delivering substantial growth.
  • Implementing strategy – working with a world-leading business at both corporate and divisional level to prioritise investments in alignment with business objectives.

Catalyze have an established track record of enabling organisations to achieve results. For more information on Catalyze, please visit their website.

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As New Zealand’s leading independent property advisers, TwentyTwo works with leadership teams across a wide range of public sector and private sector organisations who own or lease property and premises to underpin their business operations.

They provide strategic advice and practical implementation support to help make more informed and robust decisions.

Over the last 26 years they've built a sound practice by disrupting the conventional thinking often applied to property and premises, by bringing a management lens to key decisions and an in depth understanding of both the private and public sectors.

Their expertise includes

  • Property Strategy
  • Private sector funding/procurement models (PPP)
  • Workplace Strategy
  • Capital Works Planning
  • Premises procurement, leasing and commercial advice
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Business Case Input
  • Master and Campus Planning
  • Project Reviews/IQA

For more information on Twenty Two, please see visit website.

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