Facilitating for Results is designed to give you a thorough grounding in the processes and models you need to become a confident and effective facilitator.

Through experience, you’ve probably got the facilitation basics right.  But what about that upcoming workshop where you know your skills will really be put to the test?

In essence, facilitators help groups to do their best thinking.

By undertaking a module each week, you can apply your new skills between workshops and share experiences with other attendees. You can enrol on all three or on individual workshops, as required. If you enrol on all three there is a discount applied for the booking.

Skilful facilitators look after how things are discussed so the group can focus on why they’re there. Great facilitators:

  • Guide how each topic is addressed, suitable to the purpose of the meeting
  • Intervene appropriately to keep the group on task
  • Know when to change tack – and do so seamlessly
  • Steer the group successfully through complex parts of the discussion

Module 1: Getting the Foundations right 
Module 2: Group Processes
Module 3: People Skills


All 3 modules $1,200 (excl GST). Individual Module: $450 (excl GST) each participant receives a full set of training notes – your own comprehensive ‘go to’ guide to facilitation.


This course is delivered in Wellington

For all inquiries including customised inhouse workshops contact Carol Speirs