Feb 2022

1 - 28 | Engaging Your Stakeholders

Engaging Your Stakeholders is designed to significantly increase your ability to identify and plan your engagement with key stakeholders.

Investment: $450 (excl GST) for a half-day (3 hour) interactive course

Mar 2022

1 - 30 | Project Essentials

Project Essentials is a two-day workshop covering the nuts and bolts of managing a project successfully. It’s a great way for you to build capability and confidence in this important role – and to use a consistent approach for projects. The workshop is a practical course providing useful skills and tools you can use straight away. It makes project management real in the context of delivering change.

Investment: $1,400 (excl GST) Each participant receives a full set of training notes – your own comprehensive ‘go to’ guide to project management.

1 - 31 | Facilitating For Results

Facilitating for Results is designed to give you a thorough grounding in the processes and models you need to become a confident and effective facilitator.
Whether it’s a decision-making forum, a consultation process, or a complex problem-solving workshop, this one and a half day programme gives you the tools to plan and manage these well.

Module 1: Getting the Foundations right - Dates to be confirmed
Module 2: Group Processes - Dates to be confirmed
Module 3: People Skills - Dates to be confirmed

All 3 modules $1,200 (excl GST).

Each participant receives a full set of training notes – your own comprehensive ‘go to’ guide to facilitation.

1 - 31 | Project Leadership

Successful projects require excellent project leadership skills.
However, many projects struggle because the project manager is thrown in at the deep end and the demands of project leadership are underestimated. This half day workshop will equip you with the tips and tools to lead your team through a successful project.

Investment: $450 (excl GST) for a half day workshop. Each participant receives a full set of training notes – your own comprehensive ‘go to’ guide for project leadership

1 - 31 | Project Co-ordinators

Project Co-ordinators - a one-day workshop that will help you understand your important role as a co-ordinator or administrator for a project. This workshop will help to build your skills, knowledge and confidence to become an effective project co-ordinator. You will work through the process of project management and identify when a co-ordinator can add value to the team and to project leaders.
Investment: $800 (excl GST)

Apr 2022

4 - 30 | Leading Great Meetings

Our half-day intensive training programme will provide you with the skills to manage meetings more effectively than ever. If every meeting minute is spent wisely, problems will be solved and sound decisions will be made more efficiently

Investment: $450 (excl GST) for a half-day (4-hour) course.