Frances Broatch


Key Skills

  • Leadership and Programme/Team Management - Building high performing strategic programmes and loyal teams that are motivated to deliver quality products
  • Programme Governance -  Development and implementation of governance structures with internal and external stakeholders
  • Organisational Change -  Senior management experience during the establishment phase of change; working in a change environment 

Frances is an experienced consultant and trusted advisor.  She has an ability to develop relationships and programme delivery at both a strategic and operational level, with a unique ability to see the big picture and offer important input on strategic direction while maintaining good working relationships with members of the operational team.

An experienced programme and project professional with a direct, open and focused communication style.  Frances thrives and is energised by demanding and challenging work environments that focus on partnership and delivery.

She has proven experience in developing and applying skills around partnership and collaboration to achieve better outcomes with both

internal and external stakeholders and has a “make it happen” attitude and a proven reputation for making a difference.

Recent Experience

  • Ministry of Social Development - Project Management support to the Enterprise Project Reporting. Frances was engaged to support the Manager of the EPMO to re-establish critical EPMO services to MSD
  • Ministry for the Environment - Project Manager for the Ministry's Freshwater Taskforce
  • Capital and Coast DHB - Review the pm guidance developed through EBHC in response to the 2017 ICR assessment and establish an implementation approach for roll out across CCDHB
  •  Tertiary Education Commission
    • Interim Programme Manager - Frances was engaged to report to the Deputy Chief Executive Finance on the implementation of an EPMO at, including review of existing governance, reporting and templates, provide an overview of the existing project locations and the resources allocated to them and come up with recommendations for the Chief Executive on the implementation of an EPMO that was TEC specific.
    • Programme Manager – Investment Approach. Frances was engaged to ensure that the programme of work sits within the Strategic Framework of TEC and that the individual projects fit together, as well as to support the Deputy Chief Executive to lead the work programme for the Investment Approach.
  • The Treasury - Programme Manager – Planning Support to the Living Standards Team - Frances was engaged to ensure that the programme of work is documented using project management methodology and tool.


  • Victoria University of Wellington
    • 2005 Masters Degree in Public Management (incomplete)
    • BA Honours in Economics
    • BCA to be completed (18 credits to go)
    • BA Economics
  • Leadership Development Centre – Leadership in Practice 22
  • Project Management - PRINCE2
  • Coaching Skills for Managers
  • Maori Cultural Awareness and Treaty Workshop