Charmaine Izaz


Key Skills

  • A pragmatic decision maker, highly organised 
  • Ability to collaborate and coordinate with a diverse range of teams, people, and cultures
  • Analytical thinker
  • Strong work ethic


Charmaine is a experienced professional who demonstrates a high level of motivation to achieve great results. Her flexibility and team management skills allow her to develop and maintain strong relationships with diverse personalities, ensuring the best outcome for customers. Charmaine’s positive energy and drive to succeed fosters a great team environment. With her vast experience in mathematics she is a logical, innovative thinker, with a demonstrated analytical ability to draw insights and solve problems.

Recent Experience

Health Quality and Safety Commission: working within the Aged Care Planning team to analyse the effectiveness of the training workshops and use feedback to look for opportunities to improve the online training delivery and related processes.

Ministry of Defence: trend analysis of team competencies, summarising and presenting results. Findings used to create professional development plans.

Ministry of Health: developed and facilitated a process for delivering Governance workshops to District Health Board members. Conducted surveys and analysed the results to evaluate the effectiveness of these workshops.

Ministry of Justice: part of a multi organisation working group to facilitate the transfer of land to its rightful owners, working with the Crown and iwi, collating and analysing data to identify and allocate land to successors.