Defence leads successful change

Karen Tregaskis | Jul 10, 2018

The findings of Sir Brian Roche’s recent Review of Defence Procurement Policies and Practice for Major Capability Projects has just been released by the Minister read report here. The review found that the Defence Change Action Programme is making a big difference to the way Defence manages its capital projects and that the procurement process is robust.  

The positive findings from Sir Brian’s review are a testament to exceptional leadership shown by Helene Quilter, the Secretary for Defence and Kevin Short the Chief of Defence Force in their joint sponsorship of the programme. It is also a great recognition of the high-quality work undertaken by both Ministry and NZ Defence Force personnel to achieve such a great result. Defence have made significant gains and the review indicates that they are on the right track to realising their vision of being an International Exemplar in Defence Capability Management for a nation of our size.

Tregaskis Brown consider it a real privilege to partner with Defence in supporting them on their change journey since 2015.